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RV Mail Forwarding

RV Mail Forwarding has become a very popular service with the increase in RV'ers. Just as we discussed in the general Mail Forwarding page, many questions need to be discussed and answered to help you make the best decision for you!

This page is designed to help the RV'er make the best informed decision about getting the best RV Mail Service. If you still have a stick and brick home, you already have and can continue with your legal residence, as it is. Traveling in your RV, you would utilize Alternative Resources great mail forwarding service to receive your mail and send it to you when you need.

Many RV'ers are also selling their stick and brick home to "hit the road" as a Fulltimer. What a great Lifestyle!

This page is dedicated to those who have sold, or are about to sell, their "legal residence". We can save you a tremendous amount of research time by discussing all the different points and questions you may have.

Choosing the best state to establish your legal residence is the first priority!

  • Do I have to live in South Dakota to be a legal resident
  • Which state is the best for RV Mail Forwarding?
  • What are the Taxes in South Dakota?
  • Do I have to get my Vehicle(s) Inspected?
  • Will I receive a "street address"?
  • Can I register my RV in South Dakota? My Toad?
  • How will I get a South Dakota Drivers License?
  • Is it expensive to get Vehicle Insurance for South Dakota?

When you are ready to give up that stick and brick house, you will no longer be a resident of that particular state.

Becoming a Fulltime RV'er is exciting and a dream so many people have. Let's be sure you make a great decision about which state is best for you - so you can enjoy that great lifestyle.

The questions above will help you decide on which state is the best for your extended traveling needs and RV Mail Forwarding Service.

As you'll quickly realize, South Dakota is an excellent state to establish your new residency status!


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